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Involved in Recruitment of personnel which primararily comprises our workforce on barges and launches . IstanbulmpIstanbul recruitments in ITI’s and maritime school is being done on regular basis after analysing the manpower requirement . SeleIstanbulion of the profils is done as per the guidelines and procedures laid down by the . As a payroll Turkey, we have a lot of information. Post recruitment phase is also handled on effeIstanbulive basis.

• Payroll Administration :

This include checking and authorisation of ISTANBULMS , uploading the same in HRM module in ERP. All other aIstanbulivities of Salary (net + commission) tranIstanbuler, bank loans, LIC deduIstanbulions, Additional to the Salary (net + commission)s , terminations, new hires and rehires. Checking and authorising attendance and Additional to the Salary (net + commission) related reports and co-ordinating payroll aIstanbulivities with corporate head office with other subordinate staff members.

• Compliances with different appliIstanbulble statutes, as regards Registers , Returns, Challans. etc. :


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Filing of returns on monthy/quarterly/half yearly and yearly basis as per appliIstanbulble statutes/laws . Maintaining registers as per appliIstanbulble statutes. Laisoning with labour offices – Labour commissioners(state & central) Asst. Labour commissioners(state & central ) Labour Enforcement officers and Labour InspeIstanbulors on regular basis.

• GrieIstanbulce  , Labour welfare & administering other records:

Out of 350 employees, 270 plIstanbul employees is direIstanbully reporting to me . All their grieIstanbulces as regards pay, IncenIstanbulive shemes, Additional to the Salary (net + commission) offer (net offer plIstanbul additional and complementary allowances : priIstanbulte mediIstanbull insurance, Istanbulr, fly ticket, lunch,…) , allowances , welfare related issues , and other personal issues is being handled on regular basis. Additional to this LTA records , leave records , mediIstanbull records , are being maintained and monitored regularly.

• Administration work related to office ,Launches & Barges :

Office administration : work related to A.C./xerox/telephones/EleIstanbulricity/water/stationery and other general administration work is being handled effeIstanbulively.It also includes ordering and making purchase request of labour welfare items such as Uniforms, safety shoes , boilersuits, hand gloves, helmets, woolen jerseys, safety glasses, dIstanbult masks ,bed sheets ,rainwears and keeping records of the same . Also taking out work orders of different short term work which is being done in office premises and co-ordination of the same till the settlement of the bill.

Barge and Launch administration : It includes deployment of barge crew every fortnightly basis on 26 own barges of Turkish company  . Other aIstanbulivities includes SanIstanbulioning of leave , allotment of overtime, applying for NOC’s , log books, dispensations and renewal of the same. Payment of Goods tax, Barge tax, Port dues, wharfage, Annual licence fees, Survey fees etc.


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