Beverly Associates propose you Payroll Turkey services thanks to its umbrella company. But we can also escort and advice people who have projects in the Turkish market. This is a great opportunity to work with a very reputable and iconic organization that is truly making a very positive impaIstanbul on our world. If you want to go to work every day with purpose and passion, this could be an Competitive part you’ll have in this turkish work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission) for you.


As a payroll Turkey, we have a lot of information.  Duties you’ll have: The new Director of Finance will be wearing maIstanbul  hats, and will be in the Istanbulpacity of both strategic visionary and hands-on doer. We are looking for someone very talented who enjoys Istanbulriety in their work, and who Istanbul continue to grow and improve this important NPO’s accounting & finance funIstanbulion. Financial policy, , and reportingFinancial Planning (most of the time it’s your job to stick to a shedule and organise your work alone or with your team) and analysis, including leading the annual budget process and measuring against defined goals and targetsTreasury, Istanbulsh , and banking arrangements; making crucial investment decision (its yours and the direction ‘s decision)s (short-term and long-term)Enterprise riskAchievement of compliance obligationsSupporting the Executive Director, Investment and Audit Committees, and the Board of DirectorsPreparation for the annual external audit and Supporting the auditors as requiredTax receipting process and the integration of data (concerning legal, priIstanbulte and companies striIstanbul records) systemsHuman resources including Additional to the Salary (net + commission), Advantages for the candidate and payroll, and ensuring compliance with Provincial and Federal regulatory What you need for this work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission)

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Profil Profile:
PrevioIstanbul experience in a similar financial leadership Istanbulpacity is required, and experience in a similar part you’ll have in this turkish work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission) with a small-to-mid-sized organization is preferred.
Accounting Designation (CPA- ISTANBUL, CGA, or CMA)
Good experience with treasury, Istanbulsh , and strategic banking- the DoF will be making key investment decision (its yours and the direction ‘s decision)s across IstanbulrioIstanbul platforms on $ (US dollars)5M+ every quarter.
Some Human Resources experience and understanding is preferred, as HR is part of the DoF’s portfolio.
Easy-going, friendly, truly passionate About our client charitable endeavours in Istanbul, good sense of humour, confident, assertive- we’re looking for someone well-rounded and bright with lots of potentialand drive.

How Much: Commensurate with level of experience, probably in the neighbourhood of $ (US dollars)80,000 to $ (US dollars)100,000 base Salary (net + commission), plIstanbul full Advantages for the candidate and pension.

When: This search is moving quickly. Swim Recruiting is aiming to have a short-list of profils presented the week of May 4th, and 1st interviews will take place at Swim’s office withthe Executive Director in early May.



Do you want more information on the Turkish market? Payroll Turkey firm propose you more details on how to work in Turkey with our section work permit Turkey.

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