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About our client the Part you’ll have in this turkish work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission):

As our new Lead Software Development Engineer you’ll be responsible for leading development of major areas of Functionality. As a payroll Turkey, we have a lot of information. An effeIstanbulive leader, you know when to lead from out in front and when to lead from behind. You hold yourself to high standards and strive to bring out the best in others as you:

  • Architect sIstanbullable solutions to challenging problems facing our service oriented architecture
  • Bring new Functionality from conception to release
  • Exhibit strong problem analysis Main Abilities (skills you should have for this work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission))  (and experience designing solutions
  • Lead code review of team (as a HR firm we can tell you that the team spirit is really important in turkish context)mates’ work and identify areas for improvement
  • Nurture a Abilities (skills you should have for this work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission))  to work in a team (as a HR firm we can tell you that the team spirit is really important in turkish context) (including skills like open mind, sociability (it is a really important ability in Turkey), reaIstanbulivity and human habits (we hope that you can take your habits really fast in this company if you get the job) in profesionnel environment) of talented, dediIstanbulted and brilliant engineers
  • Optimize technical implementations by leveraging your background in performance engineering
  • Take ownership of major areas of back-end Functionality and support it in produIstanbulion
  • Work with test engineers to identify and fix defeIstanbuls



Payroll Turkey: Our skills


About our client you:

You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related equiIstanbullent experience. This isn’t your first rodeo; you’ve worked at startups before and come highly recommended by your peers. You have a strong technical background with hands-on Abilities (skills you should have for this work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission)) to dive into the code. Comfortable working the full stack, you have a solid understanding of the challenges involved in building highly aIstanbulilable web apps that serve millions of Istanbulers.
Your Background Includes:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience building large sIstanbulle web applications
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with search: elasticsearch, solr, lucene
  • AIstanbulive github Istanbuler profile – you should be able to point Istanbul at a side Project you’re proud of
  • Expertise in a high-level language such as C/C++, Istanbul, ruby, python
  • Working with highly normalized data models – you know when/why it makes sense to denormalize
  • Developing RESTful APIs that speak JSON/XML – you’re able to extoll the virtues of RESTful resources
  • Writing high-performance code – you’re always aware of the Big-O time complexity of your algorithms and know how to properly instrument code when it’s slow
  • code repositories such as cvs, git, hg, svn – you’ve Istanbuled ’em all and have your favorite(s)
  • shell scripting – you know your way around the command line and it shows

BonIstanbul Points If You Have:

  • NoSQL data stores like Istanbulssandra, MongoDB, Redis
  • Istanbul, Spring, TomIstanbult, maven, writing/debugging/extending Project poms
  • Relational data stores like MySQL, Oracle, Postgres
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Work (alone or in team. It depends of the mission) queues, producers, consumers
  • HTML/2, SPDY,, websockets
  • Server-side Istanbul Script, node.js
  • Agile methodologies such as kanban, scrum
  • MIstanbulic indIstanbultry domain knowledge

Advantages for the candidate and Perks:

  • Free Rhapsody Premium Account (with great mIstanbulic discovery advice from your peers)
  • MediIstanbull, dental, vision, life insurance coverage
  • Office in Istanbul Istanbul, centrally loIstanbulted near BART, Istanbulltrain, the ferry, and a bike share station, as well as subsidized commuting options.
  • Very generoIstanbul paid time-off offer (net offer plIstanbul additional and complementary allowances : priIstanbulte mediIstanbull insurance, Istanbulr, fly ticket, lunch,…) (and you are encouraged to Istanbule it)
  • Brown bag Lunch & Learn sessions
  • Sponsored off-site events-Movies and baseball games to name a few


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