Turkey : After learning the unthinkable truth, the forties decided to sue her fake father for “denial of lineage”.
The sham lasted for almost 50 years. During a family dispute with the one she thought was her biological sister, Berrin N., a 49-year-old Turkish citizen, discovered that the one she thought was her father, and who raised her since his earliest childhood, was in fact the man who had murdered his true progenitor.

Her real father was her mother’s lover

As the New York Post reports, more than four decades ago, Berrin’s mother, then in a relationship with a man named Mahir A., ​​had an extramarital affair with a village chief named Mustafa Uyanik. From this adventure, which had lasted a few years, little Berrin was born.

If the mother had tried to make Mahir believe that the latter was indeed his daughter, the latter finally discovered the pot-aux-roses a few years later, after secretly following his wife on her way to an appointment. you with her lover. Enraged, the cuckold then attacked the illegitimate couple, killing Mustafa Uyanik and seriously injuring Berrin’s mother.

After this episode, Mahir had given himself up to the police and had served a prison sentence, but the truth had never been revealed to little Berrin. When she was released, Mahir had continued to raise her as her daughter and the young woman had grown up without ever really asking herself any questions

It is therefore finally during an argument with the one who is actually her half-sister that the latter revealed to Berrin the true story around her birth. Having heard this news, the 40-year-old decided to sue Mahir for “denial of lineage”. A DNA expertise was therefore ordered, which confirmed that the latter was not the complainant’s biological father…