What is an Umbrella Company Turkey ?


An Umbrella Company hires the employee as a first step.


Then, the company will pay him his salary and all other expenses related to his hiring.


The Umbrella Company Turkey is a special approach to hiring.


Take the example of a tire company that wants to sell its products in Turkey. This company does not have a legal entity in this country although its subsidiary is based abroad.


Our payroll company Turkey will not only recruit the employee. This employee will be the country manager of Turkey. But in addition we will pay his salary and all his taxes.


That’s why today there are lot of foreign companies using our services.


No need to open a company in Turkey or a bank account.


How is the payroll company paid?


The Umbrella company will pay a premium on the salary of the employee. This method is generally used.


Umbrella Company Turkey / Different types of Turkish employment contracts


Although there are several types of employment contracts. Employees on permanent contracts are usually employed under an indefinite term employment contract with a start date. But no end date or date specified.


Turkish employment contracts are subject to a legal obligation if they are signed for a fixed term of one year or more. In the event that no written contract has been concluded, the employer is required to provide the employee with a written document. Within two months at the latest, indicating the general and specific working conditions. Such as the daily working hours. Or weekly, basic salary and salary supplements, time intervals for remuneration, duration in the case of a fixed-term contract and conditions relating to the termination of the contract.


Teleworking requires a specific work contract: employees performing their missions, at home or out of the workplace by means of telecommunication equipment.

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