Even if the parameters of Payroll Turkey are simple to understand, it is advisable to learn about all of its elements before getting started. The better your knowledge of this way of working, the easier it will be to decide whether to proceed or not. It is of course also important to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of Payroll Turkey, weighing up the pros and cons, in order to see if this way of working fully corresponds to your profile. Functioning, status, salary, unemployment, retirement or even contributions, these are all words that come to mind and to which we must provide answers. Here is all that is useful to know about PEO Turkey:


To fully understand how this mode of work functions, its advantages and disadvantages, it is first necessary to have a precise definition. Payroll Turkey is the possibility for the employee

  • to operate independently. Billing is based on rates agreed between the employee and their customers.
  • to entrust the administrative, legal, fiscal and accounting treatment related to the activity to the Payroll Turkey company, therefore saving time.
  • to retain all the advantages of employee status.

Originally, the definition of PEO Turkey consisted of transforming fees into salaries, for executives in professional transition, who had acquired a certain expertise and who wished to work independently through jobs carried out in-company with several clients. Payroll Turkey is a way of circumventing the status of the self-employed worker and of continuing to benefit from their rights, in particular unemployment benefits.

Payroll Turkey is a rapidly expanding form of employment, at the crossroads between the status of the entrepreneur and the employee. This is an option that will allow the focused employee to develop their self-employed activity, while benefiting from the social security coverage of a traditional employee.


Before embarking on the adventure that is PEO Turkey, you need to take stock of your qualifications and judge whether your skills allow you to practice independently. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the PEO Turkey company about this. As experts, the professionals at our company can guide you and provide you with answers on this subject. Once you have agreed with the carrier that the status corresponds to the activity to be developed, the contract is signed as soon as a first service contract is signed with a client.

The assignment(s) are invoiced by PEO Turkey which, after removal of the compulsory charges and management fees, pays back part of the fees in the form of a salary.

In reality, Payroll Turkey brings together three actors:

  1. The salaried employee, expert in one or more fields, who carries out jobs in company.
  2. The client, which can be an administration, a company, an association or a local community.
  3. The Payroll Turkey company, which is the intermediary between these two entities.

Babywearing is a user manual that you will certainly be hearing more and more about, but perhaps you do not know that it is also for you! Who is Payroll Turkey for? Freelancers, self-employed individuals, temporary workers, job seekers and companies. A large number of statutes are involved, covering a wide spectrum of professions.


Payroll Turkey is a work status used by many people in their professional transition who wish to become self-employed. They can be executives, retrained employees, micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers, but also and we must not forget, young graduates and business creators. All have a strong desire to work differently and to have greater autonomy.

We find among the employees carried many people in the field of advice, expertise as well as intellectual services. The most represented fields are: IT, digital, training, coaching, logistics, engineering, communication, marketing, translation, management, auditing and even real estate.


Becoming a focused employee also means taking advantage of the many benefits of this status. Here are the main ones:

Security: As a salaried employee, you subscribe to an employment contract and therefore benefit from the same rights as any employee with regard to the general social security scheme, provident funds, retirement contributions, paid holidays, unemployment insurance and collective enterprise mutual insurance.

Time saving: Whereas the status of micro-entrepreneur can quickly take up precious time spent carrying out administrative tasks, Payroll Turkey allows the administrative, legal, social and accounting parts of your activity to be taken care of.

Networking: There is no risk of isolation, because the Payroll Turkey company allows you to create connections with other employees during events, workshops or even training. It can also lead to collaborative work on certain projects.

Training: As a focused employee, training is regularly offered to you in order to develop or acquire new skills. Time that contributes to the sustainability of the activity is another clear advantage of Payroll Turkey.

Increased credibility: Being part of a recognised and serious Payroll Turkey company also means having more credibility with large companies.

Support For the activity: In addition to carrying out administrative management and offering training, Payroll Turkey provides to the supported employees, a contact person to answer questions, a guide and a network. This is one key advantage of Payroll Turkey, you are not alone, but are instead supported. You have the possibility of receiving feedback as well as an outside view on the progress of your activity.


While there are advantages, there are often some disadvantages and this also affects the world of Payroll Turkey. Among the disadvantages of Payroll Turkey, we note the following points:

Not all activities allow the status of salaried employee. In particular, trading activities (the purchase and sale of goods), the personal service professions and most of the regulated professions (lawyer, notary, chartered accountant, etc. .)

The regulation of Payroll Turkey imposes a minimum remuneration. It is generally necessary to invoice at least €35 per hour or €250 per day, to be able to become a salaried employee, which de facto excludes low-income activities.

Payroll Turkey, and therefore the management of administrative tasks by PEO Turkey involves costs, around 10% of the turnover excluding taxes. Added to the payment of social charges, it is approximately 50% of the turnover which does not go directly to the employee. So, it’s higher than for a micro-entrepreneur, but this can be seen as a disadvantage of Payroll Turkey, since it is also the counterpart of the social protection associated with this device (unemployment, retirement, training, etc.).


In order to start working as a focused employee, you, the self-employed individual, must first find a job corresponding to your qualification (our company can help you with this). You can then express your intention to host your activity with PEO Turkey. You will then have the option to sign a Payroll Turkey agreement, setting the accommodation conditions and formalising the reciprocal commitments which bind you to PEO Turkey (for example our company!).

The signing of the employment contract (or Payroll Turkey contract) occurs as soon as you sign a first service contract with your client.

The job is invoiced by PEO Turkey which, after removal of the compulsory charges and management fees, will pay you back part of the fees in the form of a salary. You are an independent and salaried worker, free and secure, a salaried employee!


In order to become a self-employed person or a consultant in Payroll Turkey, you just need to prove some experience in your field. As far as assignments are concerned, it will be easier for you to start your activity as a salaried employee if you already have a certain portfolio of service providers, but you can also turn to your PEO Turkey company to find a first assignment. Our company supports you in your search for jobs and even better, submits them to you!