Why choose Umbrella Company Turkey ?



Benefits of Umbrella Company Turkey

Security: the client company benefits from both a qualified qualified expert and maximum legal security. The Umbrella Company Turkey guarantees the Professional Civil Liability of the mission and takes care of the contract for the provision of Payroll Turkey.

Simplicity: the client company does not have to allocate a budget for the employee carried, in particular for his remuneration. His fees are not attributable to the wage bill and pass to expenses related to the external provider.

Flexibility: Umbrella Company Turkey allows better management of variations in activity, avoiding any risk of loan of labor or reclassification into an employment contract. This makes it possible to build a sustainable purchasing procedure by working with immediately operational experts with the skills sought. They are fully focused on their mission, with Payroll Turkey freeing them from administrative constraints.

Security of the workforce and associated benefits: unemployment, retirement, mutual, provident… In addition, you are paid from the first month worked, notwithstanding the payment of the invoice.

Time savings: management of the administrative, legal, social and accounting parts of your activity by the Umbrella Company Turkey.

Networking: you avoid any risk of isolation thanks to the network of the Payroll company. You will have the opportunity to create links with other employees worn throughout France and abroad, during events, workshops, training …

Training: like any employee, training is regularly offered to help you in your business development, the success of your missions and the sustainability of your activity.

Increased credibility: by opting for a serious and recognized Umbrella Company Turkey, you will have more credibility with large accounts. Your referencing as your integration with them will be simplified.

Support: in addition to training and cost management, the Payroll Turkey company provides you with a dedicated contact to answer your questions, guide you and facilitate your life as an independent consultant, by offering you various solutions adapted to your request.

Umbrella Company Turkey is possible in many areas of activity such as project management, IT, engineering, digital, coaching, training, human resources, marketing, communication, quality, translation, auditing, health and management.

The advantages of Payroll in Turkey make it possible to meet the expectations of very different profiles. Umbrella Company Turkey is today a solution used by business creators wishing to test their activity, freelancers, self-entrepreneurs, people in professional transition and / or retraining, seniors, retirees, executives wishing to experience another relationship with work, young graduates, slashers, etc. All of these profiles have been seduced by Payroll Turkey, because it is the only formula allowing them to combine the freedom of the entrepreneur and the security of employee.

This solution can provide invaluable services to the various parties.

You always wonder why Umbrella Company Turkey ? Do you have any other questions on the Payroll Turkey relating to the types of contracts, the duration of the missions, the differences with the interim or the self-employed scheme, the stakeholders of PEO Turkey, or on any other subject?

We invite you to consult our guide to Payroll Turkey, which covers all the frequently asked questions about this subject.

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